Pointless City explores the complexities that have become part and parcel of living in London today. The title is an expression of the condition that results from these issues.

London, for many of its inhabitants, has become pointless. It is too costly for anyone earning an average salary; there is a shortage of homes that means high and rising prices for housing to buy or rent; high office rents drive out SME’s and a creaking infrastructure forces us to ask the question: why live or work in London?

On the one hand an exodus of young professionals from the capital in recent years would appear to support this position, but on the other hand London continues to grow. Pointless City inhabits the territory between these two poles and the architectural possibilities that are emerging as a response, understanding London as an urban schema in the midst of profound change.

Five themes – Growing Pains, Off the Grid, Microhoods, Life Lessons and Cultural Cramps – will be employed for the purposes of this exploration, ranging from how the city is conceived to the lived experiences that it ultimately delivers. Each theme will present a range of analytical data and a conceptual architectural response, generating a series of questions with which viewers and collaborators will be encouraged to interact.

Pointless City is a timely endeavour that will get to the heart of and explore the issues affecting the lives of many Londoners today.

Pointless City has been developed in association with Frizbee Films & SEA.

Ben Adams Architects